This blog post is coming at you from a little cottage by the sea. Last night I found some solid shelter with a trusted friend. There is something special about sleeping on a couch, just that feeling of fleeting necessity. You don’t belong there, people are going out of their way to shelter you. That is one of the ultimate shows of caring and friendship to me, that someone would trust you and care about you enough to shelter you in their own home. Damn I just appreciate it too much. Guests and fish both stink after three days, so after one night here, I think I’ll bounce to the next couch or hammock. That is the strange thing, for the first time in 21 years, I do not know where my next night will be spent, where my next meal will come from. Now this is a terrifying feeling for someone who has never experienced this. I have been hungry before, gone 3 days without eating but that is another story for another time. I am honestly running out of things to write about, I may do one more post on why I have wanted to die.


Stay strong,



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