Survive Damn it

If you had told me that the weather reflected people’s situations, I would truly believe that today, the world follows me. The rain cascades down all around me, drops race down the tall window panes I sit against, writing this. The wind howls, the storm is coming and I am struggling to find shelter, from the rain, and from this situation. Moving all of your life’s belongings into a mid 2000’s sedan in the rain, is not an ideal situation. What makes this worst… is that my jeans are wet. Levi Strauss was on to something when he helped marketed a durable denim dungarees. The problem is that these were made for miners and prospectors in California. If you do not remember, Cali is pretty damn famous for being an arid place. So I really wonder what old Levi would have done with his denim if he had made them for a place like Seattle! Long story short, it is 2017, waterproof jeans need to be made the norm!

Enough of my rambling I am being kicked out and for the first time in 21 years, I am without a home. To clarify this whole situation, I have a place I always called home, but terrified I am to return to my family and tell them of all the shit that surrounds me. The pain, the guilt, the sadness, the depression, and all the rest. So for the next few days I am gonna be bouncing from couch to couch, floor to campsite, until I am forced to cut my losses and finally return home. I am floating through this next week, orbiting the earth from hundreds of miles above the surface. Watching the world spin when there is no place for me to land. It is at the point where my satellite slows down its orbit, and it comes crashing back to Earth, engulfed in flames on reentry.

One of my friends recently got some ink of his favorite Hemingway quote, “First one must survive.” I need to be able to go on, counter every hit life throws out at you .Sometime this week the woods will be my home, I will make camp under a grove of trees and coming and going as I please. Robin Hood, Robinson Crusoe, Swiss Family Robinson, Hatchet, all stories I grew up on and admired. This week I get the chance to be my heroes, make my shelter under under a grove of leaves, make my own water potable, create my own fires, and poop in the woods. The problem is that I will need to carry plenty of my own water and food out into the wilderness and see what lies before me.

I need to learn the skills to survive on my own, to be able to live life on the land, hunt for what I need and use everything from what I take, to make the world my own store, and learn to make the world my oyster. We have everything we need here.

Stride on my friends, I will rise again



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