Forced Exile

I sit alone, late at night. Writing under cover of darkness. My blinds are drawn, my door is locked. Sitting here waiting for them to come. To force me out of my rightful home. I live in constant fear, my heart seizes up with every passing second. I have to avoid people, talking to certain friends. The feeling that you are being evicted from a place that you belong to. This is the second time this has happened to me this year.

When it happened the first time, it was out of the blue, hitting me like a sack of bricks in the face. I was forced out of a place that I had called home because of a liar. I may have made a mistake, but I do not deserved to be removed from my home. Now it is an oppressive regime kicking me out for no good reason. I have my rights to stay here and will honestly fight tooth and nail to stay in this new home of mine as long as I can. I hate moving, and packing, storing your entire life into a car and driving it to a new place. I honestly feel that I have no real home at times. The home that I grew up in is a place where I reside when I am not away at University. My dormitory is only a temporary place of refuge as I wait for the terror that waits at the end of the road. I need my safe haven to exist. In a few weeks I will be away in the woods, living in my own tiny room and happy for a few months.

This is my temporary home, I long for my real home and to make my real home with the lady I love.

Stay Strong for me



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