The Importance of Being the Villain

We as people can be united by our loves, hundreds flock to a convention that features their favorite movie. Seconds go by and yet they are all there for a common cause. The opposite is also true in that we are united by what we collectively hate. How else can millions of people appear to protest something or someone they hate. Being a villain is one of the most unique opportunities someone can have.

I myself have recently become demonized to my former community. Now to be clear, I did make some mistakes, and apologized for said mistakes, at the same time a story has been going around getting twisted faster than 3rd graders playing the game “telephone” People that I once considered friends, won’t even look at me anymore, the one person who was finally opening up to me, now does not acknowledge my existence. Now if they had come to me and ask my side of the story, and THEN hated me, that would be fine. At least I was given a chance. Instead they act like I am less than human, and shun me like a leper. However when you become a villain you realize who your true friends are. Not those who drop you when the load gets heavy, but keep holding on.

The crazy thing though is how much more united that community is now that they have something they can all hate collectively. Now I am above revenge, even for liars who attack my reputation. I hope that group is doing well, they could all be great and the best of friends, and the best part. It was all because of me and that makes them sick.

The next time you have the chance to be a villain, don’t shy away from it, yet embrace your role, unite others! Tear them apart, just make sure that you end up on top.

Bad, Bad Leroy Brown, baddest man in the whole damn town, badder than ole King Kong, madder than a junkyard dog. I was bullied a lot as a kid, as a short dorky fat kid is usually, but from that I learned how to intimidate people, I would come off as unsuspecting and then snap.

Until next time, seize power!


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