Cloak and Dagger, or Information Haggler

They say, “It’s not what you know, but WHO you know in life.” The people that see the world in black and white is just false in my opinion. Life is really about what you know about whoever you know. Knowing your enemy, knowing your friend, you just really want to know everything you can about the people around you. There are limitless benefits to knowing anything about anyone, knowing not to use certain phrases around someone, I once knew a girl who would physically wince when she heard the word “tickle” that was too much power over someone for me to handle.

My friends always remark, “Icarus! How do you know so much about these people?” The answer is quite simple, I listen. All you have to do is sit in a public place and pretend to be focused on something. Try it out sometime, go and pop a squat in a local cafe, library, park or anywhere people congregate, open up a laptop or book and just listen, the secrets you pick up, (Yes Mr. Harris, your wife is cheating on you) the stories that are told (Lindsay once ate 32 jellybeans on a date) and so much more. Make those mental links from person to person, put 1 and 1 together.

Now if you are antisocial or hate the sun, and still have a decent social network, go and search that. People’s social medias are a goldmine of information. Their fears, their cheers and everything under the sun. Every piece of information that this person decided was alright to share online is at your fingertips, from there you can jump to other’s pages and accounts and divulge more information out of them. It is a wonderful way to gather information in a short amount of time.

Now that will get you an ample crop of information, but when all else fails, and you need the juicy grapes of secrets, you have to harvest it straight from the vine. Now if you listen to people and show(or fake) genuine interest in them, they will begin to confide in you and share their secrets eventually. If you have to trade a story to get them to open up, then you go ahead. Information is the most useful tool you can have when dealing with people.

Secret agent mannnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Sorry it’s pretty late at night and I have no imagination for lyrics.

Go my agents! Seek out that info!

Sleuths ahoy!



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