Chasing Planes

I cannot really remember when I developed my love of flying, especially planes. Maybe it was my first flight back when I was 3 years old, could be because I loved riding Dumbo the flying elephant down at the Magic Kingdom. I guess what always appealed to me was being able to move and go wherever I want whenever I want. Guess for me I just want to be able to escape when the earth crumbles under my feet. I want to unfold my wings and propel myself through the air, riding the air currents like a hawk, diving and rising on the thermals soaring for miles the wind whipping by my head. Just seeing the world from 2000 feet. I could have this crazy complex where if I am above people physically then I am above them in society.

You will learn this the more you read and get to know me, that I have this fascination with man conquering nature. Man was created to be grounded, yet we still found a way to defy gravity and its laws. Two bicycle mechanics from Ohio took a dream and took off at Kitty Hawk. Charles Lindbergh decided to strap extra fuel tanks on the Spirit of St. Louis and flew clear across the Atlantic. This all culminated in humanity hitting Mach 33 and slipping out of Earth’s gravity and breaking into space.

So recently I’ve been in and out of a hospital (I guess I am kind of ok) but after there is a spot that a really great friend showed to me. It is right on a beach, the sun shines, the water is cool, the local food is cheap and does not make me too disgusted. The real reason I go though, is to watch planes, there is an airport less than a mile from this beach, so every couple of minutes a huge ass jumbo jet will descend about 100 feet above your head and it is so damn surreal. I will go and grab a frosty drink and sit on the sand just watching for one of those planes to come in. Wishing I could board one, and jet off to another country, leave all my problems and issues behind me in the possession of a TSA guard. Let us be real though, no airline will accept all my baggage. I guess as I was sitting there, I subconsciously hoped that a plane would dip too soon and come crashing into me. in an instant I would be gone. All the stress and problems of my life, instantly cleansed in the fire. Burnt anew like a phoenix out of the ashed. Thankfully my subconscious stays in my skull and does not have the ability to manipulate airline pilots yet……… yet.

I do have a lot of amazing things to live for, my family and friends and even myself and my clouded future, maybe I will get the love of my life to love me and be with me again. For me I get wrapped up and fixated on my problems that I am staring at a dying tree but missing the blooming forest of olive trees. Yes olives are a top 7 fruit. Maybe I am so used to running and hiding from my problems that I want to fly away from everything. Someday I will get used to being on the ground, but for now I shall walk with a spring in my step and continue to defy gravity one hop, skip and a jump at a time.

Well it is almost 4 AM here and I have a meeting in 7 hours so I probably should catch some shut eye. It feels good to just talk this all out. Guess I will write more later.

“I’m looking to the sky to save me, Looking for a sign of life, Looking for something help me burn out bright I’m looking for a complication, looking cause I’m tired of trying. Make my way back home as I learn to fly” The beauty and graceful transition that is Dave Grohl.

Soarin to Tower we are ready for takeoff,




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